Baptist Missions to Forgotten Peoples

Bobby & Joanna Burdette

Serving Madagascar

With the primary direction and objective of church planting world-wide, BMFP provides missionaries with an avenue for implementing innovative ministries in reaching the several thousand pockets of “forgotten peoples” in the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

“Who are the forgotten peoples?” Forgotten peoples are those needing the Gospel that we often pass by on our way to the traditional mission fields of the world.

Flight 4212 is a website dedicated to sharing with people the ministry the Lord has given us to people of Madagascar. We are missionaries working in a remote area of Madagascar, using aviation, medical and farming abilities to reach into areas that need the hope of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is our life, our hope, our joy. We wish to share that life, hope and joy with everyone who will listen!

To learn more, visit their website.