What We Do

About Us

Radio With Heart is an outreach of Delmarva Educational Association (a non-profit, charitable 501c3 organization). The support we provide comes from private charitable donations, as well as proceeds from business ventures and cash-flow generated from the operations of our collective network of radio stations.

What We Do

We use the resources, technology, relationships and talents that we are blessed with to support charitable and mission-related outreaches in our communities and around the world. We partner with:

  • individual donors
  • local entrepreneurs that advertise with us
  • agencies that conduct business with us
  • our employees
  • our families
  • our radio listeners

to create a network of people that are able to produce resources which make a lasting impact for the kingdom of God.

While most media outlets are driven for profits, shareholder returns, inflated executive compensation, service to burdensome debts – we are driven by our mission.

How We Work

Most of our charitable donations are done relationally; as we want to be confident that our investments are made into people and organizations that align with our mission.  While the return is not financial, we do look for a return on our investments in the fruit produced by changed lives, healed hearts, renewed spirits, united families and uplifted communities.

We collaborate with international mission organizations, community development groups, rescue missions, family counselors, pregnancy support centers and youth evangelism ministries.  Our goal is to provide a support network, shared resources and communications outlet for the good things that are happening in our world.

Our Impact

Who We're Helping