Christian Association of Youth Mentoring

Christian Association of Youth Mentoring

Serving Nationwide

Helping Christians start and grow safe, effective, and sustainable mentoring ministries.

Empowering Christians to become more effective in their Kingdom work through mentoring is the primary objective of CAYM. We equip both established and emerging ministries through our consulting and training services. Our focus is on helping churches and nonprofits develop safe, effective and sustainable mentoring ministries for youth, families and adults. We work with ministry teams in designing, equipping and implementing mentoring programs that fit their vision in their communities.

We help ministries develop best practices and eliminate the need for you to “re-invent the wheel” as you start or advance your program. For more information, check out our services page and feel free to contact us for more information.

Mentoring is a form of intergenerational ministry that helps Christians impact their world in a way that can influence generations to come. Whether you’re working with juvenile offenders, school children or kids in your own congregation, CAYM can guide and equip you to more effectively minister to your community.

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